Product Ecosystem
Meet Pungo, an easy going wallet that loves to give back the power to the user. Let’s Pungo the world!
Supports all coins that can work using electrum
Non-custodial wallet. User holds private keys
Integrated fiat gateway & DEX
Multisignature layer
Based on Komodo technology
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Buy and sell cryptocurrencies through a user friendly interface. Building a distributed liquidity platform that can be integrated anywhere.
Convenient fiat gateway to buy & sell crypto
Distributed liquidity: Orders filled by registered traders
Open to 3rd party integration and whitelabelling
Passwordless accounts (we also hate passwords)
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A platform to engage traders and professionals to join our distributed liquidity network. Setting up a fiat gateway can be easy!
Setup your crypto business
Minimum risk: Fund only open deals
Integrated invoicing and reports
Guaranteed margin & personalized consultancy
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Loadable debit cards; a convenient way to spend crypto around the world while the revolution takes off.
1st Batch of Cards active
Crypto card reload service active
Loading prepaid debit cards with crypto
Available for EU citizens
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