The Pungo token has been designed considering several properties that deliver a high quality product for the token based economy:

The token based economy is a paradigm shift and we are proud to be leading the change. We consider that tokens with real usage and backed by a genuine business model will gradually bring and maintain value within our network.

token distribution


Pungo token is designed to be usable in all our products, generating offer & demand along, with a real life usage and in-app economies:

Paying fees

To pay product fees at discount

Wide support

Fully supported in all integrated products

Platform payouts

Affiliations & commissions

Product early birds

Holders will have access to new products being developed

Special gadgets

To access certain gadgets and products from our online store

Extra features

To unlock extra features for our premium members

And much more to come

As the project grows, new usages will be given to the token by the projects empowered by it. The more products that are integrated with Pungo token, the more people and services interact with it, the more solid the ecosystem is, the more value the token gains.


BuyBacks are a common form of value distribution to asset holders and are used by many companies in the classic financial system.

The Public BuyBack Fund is filled with streams of revenue coming from different products implementing the Pungo token. The funds are stored in escrowed multisig cryptocurrency accounts.

We have partnered with INLEA FOUNDATION, through its Opening Chain Project. The Foundation provides an escrow service on the Public Buyback Fund and a set of transparency reports which are monthly published in its website.

Public Buyback Fund is kept in 2 of 2 multisignature cryptocurrency accounts which are controlled by 2 entities guaranteeing the accumulated funds are only used to buy back Pungo tokens from token holders.

Guaranteed Liquidity

We are ready 24/7 to receive Token Buyback Requests from token holders. The funds from the Public Buyback Fund are used to perform these buybacks and the only requirement is that the Buyback amount is worth > 1000 USD.

  1. Start a Token BuyBack Request via the set-up channels
  2. Sign the purchase agreement and complete the identity verification
  3. Send Pungo Tokens to escrow address
  4. Foundation verifies the operation
  5. Company & Foundation sign withdrawal from Public BuyBack Fund
  6. Company burns the Pungo tokens received

public trust

We have worked hard to create a safe environment and partnered with Opening Chain project created by Inlea Foundation to guarantee a full transparency and visibility of the Public BuyBack Fund for the token holders.

Inlea Foundation

is an independent, non-for-profit, well known Foundation, not controlled directly or indirectly by the company

Multisignature accounts

Revenue funds are kept in multisig accounts controlled by the Foundation and the company

Trust authority

The Foundation only allows funds to be released when there is a buyback agreement with a token holder

Public transparency

The foundation releases a set of information regarding Public Buyback Fund as detailed in our Public Buyback Fund paper

increased scarcity

Pungo ensures scarcity of the Pungo Token through two mechanisms:

Only 10 Million PGT ever The company has established a finite number of Pungo tokens. No more Pungo tokens will ever be created so only a limited supply of tokens exists.

Burning tokens bought back Pungo tokens which are bought back are effectively burnt. This is publicly verifiable through a blockchain explorer. Burning renders the token eternally unspendable.

raised funds

Raised funds are spent to scale the current products and to continue their development. We can make a relative estimation of the amounts needed to scale our operations. We expect a fast take off in the company’s turnover. Additionally, company expenses are also published by the Foundation to allow for close monitoring by the Token holders.


Find more information on the following public papers: